Citybooks Sheffield (2011)

My humble home / aan huis geketend

Commissioned by the Flemisch-Dutch house deBuren, Rebecca Lenaerts was invited for a two week residency in Sheffield to write a citybook. citybooks is an artistic, principally literary residential project for authors, photographers and video artists. Together with local partners, deBuren will ask five authors and a photographer to take up residence for two weeks in a European city. The six artists will become acquainted with the city over those two weeks and will translate their impressions into their own artistic language.

The citybooks are made available as text, e-book and podcast, and will shape an extensive network of the ‘United States of Europe’. Travel without moving!

Listen or download the English or Dutch version of
My humble home / aan huis geketend


Besides, Rebecca Lenaerts conducted a language course with an artistic switch in collaboration with the university of Sheffield, Department Germanic studies. She was also involved in the outreach activities of the School of Modern Languages at Sheffield and offered a workshop for students from Havelock Academy, Grimsby.