de vrouw die haar minnaar opat/ the woman who ate her lover (2006)

De vrouw die haar minnaar opat (The woman who ate her lover) is an online theatre play based on the novel of Slavenka Draculic. On an almost daily bases Rebecca Lenaerts posted audio, text or video fragments on a blog in the role of the protagonist of the book. A story evolves about a woman, living in Brussels, bitten by an insatiable hunger for a loved one.

The woman who ate her lover is created in the framework of Rebecca Lenaerts’ final work for the Drama School RITS (Brussels) during the months January till April 2006. On April 8th 2006 she presented a final performance in De Pianofabriek (Brussels) in witch she interacted with her self recorded text fragments.

The podcast is not active anymore but still exist

Watch a videofragment