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In Arcadia (2011)

In Arcadia is an auditory passage into a different world. The journey  sets off with ten paintings belonging to the canon of Art History. What  can those images convey to the beholder? Gradually, the characters come to life and pull the listener into a new story, one in which the words become tactile, the visual becomes auditory and the sound can be felt.

Voice and Text by Rebecca Lenaerts, Sound editing and mixing by Rebecca Lenaerts and Tom Goris, Cover and Artwork by Sonia Aniceto. 10 tracks, 45 min, Copyright Rebecca Lenaerts 2011.

In Arcadia is a product of devrouwdie commissioned by Inno Tune 2011. Spoken word in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.

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BXL Le Paradis/ijs (2010)

Saint Michael the dragon-slayer is the patron saint of Brussels and the guardian of the city against evil. He is the archangel who weighs the souls of the dead and leads them on their journey to paradise. But what exactly is this ‘paradise’? And can you find it in a city like Brussels?

It is with these questions in mind that devrouwdie re-visits the city in the search for something new.  The listener is taken on an auditory tour through Brussels where fiction and reality blend together and walk hand in hand. What is real and what is merely a figment of our imaginations?

Concept, text and sound design by Rebecca Lenaerts, Bruitage, music and mixing by Tom Goris, voice Jean-Luc by Laurent Bonnet, Cover by Sonia Aniceto. 10 tracks, 46 min, Copyright Rebecca Lenaerts 2010

tracklist : 01 Clockarium NL/ 02 Jean-Luc FR/ 03 Dood gaan NL/ 04 Wormpje NL/ 05 De stad van het lawaai / 06 De gevloekte vijgenboom FR-NL/ 07 Un arc-en-ciel / 08 Un rêve dans ma poche NL/ 09 oma NL/10 Een maagdeke NL

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BXL Histoires d’une stad (2008)

The 16 (short-) stories on this CD are the result of chance encounters and experiences in and with the city of Brussels – they are an amalgamation of observations, thoughts and fantasies. They may seem somewhat banal in their simplicity, but as the stories progress, a personal relationship is established with Brussels and a new way of looking at reality filters through the narrative. In these stories animals can speak, ugliness becomes beauty and sadness becomes hope. Above all they show that entertaining yourself doesn’t have to be a chore.

Concept, text, voice and sound by Rebecca Lenaerts, Mixing by Youri Van Uffelen, Cover by Bert Claessens. 16 tracks, 60 min.  Copyright by Rebecca Lenaerts 2008

BXL Histoires d’ une stad  is a product of devrouwdie commissioned by C.H.I.P.S vzw. Spoken word: Dutch and French.

tracklist :01 Brussel aan zee NL/ 02 BXL als kerkhof FR/ 03 Het meisje van Broekzele NL/ 04 OLV van Finisterrae NL/ 05 Muis in de Bozar NL/06 Jeanneke I NL/ 07 Over straatnamen in Brussel NL/ 08 Heilige Rita NL/ 09 Jeanneke II NL/ 10 pendelaars / 11 Over Nolle NL/ 12 Porte de Namur, porte de l’amour FR/ 13 Cityperrots FR/ 14 In het park NL/ 15 Jeanneke III NL/ 16 Brussels by Night

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