Belgian born Rebecca Lenaerts (1980) obtained a master degree in Dramatic Art at the Flemish school of the arts Brussels (RITS). I followed acting classes at the UDK Art school (Berlin) and studied Art History and Theatre sciences at the University of Ghent and the Freie Universität Berlin. My graduation work in 2006 was a solo performance based on the novel of Slavenka Draculic “The woman who ate her lover” and a self- created podcast in which I played the protagonist of the book. Since then audio and storytelling are central parts of my work.

My artistic output consists of audio stories,  audiovisual installations, performances and storytelling projects. I have a strong interest toward interdisciplinarity and therefor worked with sound artists, musicians, dancers, video artists, photographers, … on the cross over between theatre and other disciplines. I also collaborated with many art institutions in Flanders and Wallonia including the Photomuseum Antwerp, Le Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi, Netwerk Art Aalst, Dutch – Flemisch house deBuren, Flacc Genk, Museum M, Artcentre Wiels, …

In 2007 I start to work for the art organization MUS-E Belgium, open platform for artists in co-creation. I mainly initiate start – to – finish art projects in primary schools in Brussels and Flanders. In these projects I use radiophonic art and storytelling as a tool to improve intercultural dialog and collaboration between children, artists and teachers.

Find a detailed Curriculum CV Rebecca LENAERTS english (pdf)



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