Sailing on clouds (2014)

Sailing on clouds, memories form the hospital takes you on an auditory and visual journey through the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital (Ghent, Belgium). We hear children and young people who are undergoing a long-term treatment, talking. From inside a hospital room photos are documenting the inner and outer world of the patients. The hospital and its temporary guests are the starting point and inspiration for artistic creation in image, word and sound. Spoken language : Dutch.

Recording, editing and mixing by Rebecca Lenaerts, External voice and text by Rebecca Lenaerts, Cover and artwork by Tine Guns, Mixing and mastering by Stijn Demeulenaere. 13 tracks, 45 min, Copyright MUS-E Belgium 2014.

Sailing on clouds, memories from the hospital is a product of MUS-E Belgium in collaboration with Partena Independent Insurance Fund and The Child Cancer Fund.

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