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IN and OUT of the crisis

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Victoria Deluxe is an artistic organization with a strong focus aimed at breaking stereotypical images.  In 2014 Victoria Deluxe launched a new project on the topic of ‘Crisis’. Rebecca has been asked to interview 20 young adults between 15 and 25 about their personal crisis. This could be a family crisis, an identity crisis or an emotional crisis. What do these stories have in common? And what do they tell us about the society we live in?

Visit the website of Victoria Deluxe

ready to record


Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

During the summer of 2012 Rebecca Lenaerts started working on a new installation which consists of 20 different ceramic legs. In June 2014 there was a first try out at an old farmyard in Halmaal (St-Truiden/Belgium). The legs were suspended in the former stable of the boar (male pig).



new release – Sailing on clouds

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Sailing on clouds takes you on an auditory and visual journey through the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital (Ghent, Belgium). The hospital is the starting point and inspiration for artistic creation in image, word and sound. Spoken language : Dutch.

Recording, editing and mixing by Rebecca Lenaerts, External voice and text by Rebecca Lenaerts, Cover and artwork by Tine Guns, Mixing and mastering by Stijn Demeulenaere.

13 tracks, 45 min, Copyright MUS-E Belgium 2014.

Listen and order via Bandcamp


MUS-E Connects

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

MUSE.UZMUS-E Belgium is an open platform for professional artists who translate    their art practice into the context of education, leisure and welfare. The child department of the university Hospital (Princess Elisabeth child department UZ) in Ghent (Belgium) becomes the inspiration and playground for an artistic creation titled MUS-E Connects.

mus-e logo







Between October and December 2013 MUS-E artists Rebecca Lenaerts (sound and storytelling) and Tine Guns (photography and typography) conduct a dialogue with children in long-term treatment, as well as with their parents. Starting out from the children’s temporary environment they look for new ways to express, imagine and articulate ideas, fears, dreams and impressions. The result will be an audio play released on CD, accompanied by a booklet. Coming out in April 2014.



Sunday, May 5th, 2013

ICE ON MY EYES is an audiovisual installation for the blind and the not- so- blind in which text, image and sound play a game of attraction and repulsion. The visual, the auditory and the tactile communicate with each other. ICE ON MY EYES is not only the result of artistic research and a multifaceted collaboration, it also raises questions on how to make art accessible to people with visual disabilities. In a visually-oriented society, the blind can show the not-so-blind new possibilities on how to perceive our surrounding reality.

Opening on May the 24th until June the 2nd 2013 @ Centre of Contemporary Art Netwerk Aalst (Belgium). more info here









Ochtendtoilet – James Ensor

Friday, April 19th, 2013

In the framework of a guided tour about the presence of water in paintings, at the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) in Ghent/Belgium, Rebecca Lenaerts was asked to create an audio story to the painting “Ochtendtoilet” by James Ensor.
Text, voice and sound by Rebecca Lenaerts

Die Nachtigallen

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Rebecca Lenaerts is currently writing on the text of a new audio play. Die Nachtigallen (The Nightingales) is a musical story about the fading of light and the search for a new life. Text, voice and sound guides the audience into an imaginary world.

Erotic – Apocalypse : podcast for the literature magazine KLUGER HANS

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

On December 17th 2012, the literature magazine Kluger Hans published their new edition on the topic Erotic-Apocalypse. Rebecca Lenaerts made a podcast with a selection of text fragments from Paul Pourveur, Sally O’Reilly, Marc Kregting, Didi de Paris, Anneke Claus, e.a.

voice and editing by Rebecca Lenaerts, drawing by Duchy Man


What are my duties? online

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

In January 2012 Rebecca Lenaerts was asked by workspace nadine to write a publication about a 4 year residency project, TBC, that took place between 2008 and 2011. 5 artists occupied each for a period of 6 months a house at Rue Gallait 80 in Schaarbeek (Brussels).

What are my duties? is an online story in text, sound and image where 5 distinct artistic projects melt into a collective narrative. A story about the longing for freedom that at the same time points out questions about the place of an artist in todays society. 



Godiva: a collaborative story

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

GODIVA: a collaborative story is an interdisciplinary art project on collaborative storytelling in which the Belgian artist Rebecca Lenaerts uses the legend of Lady Godiva as a starting point and inspiration for a collaboration with a group of artists. From 10 until 27 July 2012 5 visual artists worked @ Workspace nadine (Brussels) on the topic of vulnerability and explored new ways of expressing themselves. 

With: Duchy Man, Jan Verbruggen, Leen Hermans, Johan Van De Walle and Vladislav Curcin. Watch a video here.